Adding and Removing Favourites

The Add to Favourites link allows you to save a list of preferred businesses on the computer you are using to browse this website.

Each business listed in the online business directory has an option to Add to favourites below their business description.

Once a business is added to your Favourites List, you may remove it by selecting the Remove from favourites link which is also located near the business description.

Viewing and Printing

You can find a link to your favourites list on the top, right hand side of the screen when you are in the Directory.

You can print a detailed list of your favourites from the View Your Favourites page.

How Favourites are stored on your computer

Favourite's are stored on your computer using cookies which are small data files that this website places on your hard drive to record aspects of your browsing experience. Cookies are not used to identify you or record any of your personal information.

As your favourites list is stored on your computer's hard drive, your favourites list will not follow you if you attempt to access it from a different computer.   

More information about cookies is available from our Privacy Statement.